Earning money at home...

I love that I can earn money while staying home with my kids, even if it's small amounts here and there. Because, you know what? Those small amounts add up to bonus cash that we otherwise wouldn't have!

So anyway, I wanted to post a list of everything that I do to earn money...

  • Search with Swagbucks and earn free gift cards!
  • Complete online surveys from various companies (a great list is on my left sidebar)
  • Refer others to Diapers.com and earn $$$ off my next order (and they get $10 off with code: NOWSAVE5)
  • Earn cash for reading emails from MyPoints, Send Earnings, Inbox Dollars, & Snap Dollars
  • Rebates for Huggies diapers & Pull-Ups through Caregiver's Marketplace ($0.75 per pack!)
  • Earn cash back from online shopping through Ebates & Mr. Rebates
  • Viewing ads on YouData
  • Ad revenue on my blog through various affiliate programs
  • Collect My Coke Rewards points from Coke products for free items, gift cards & Coke coupons
  • Collect Gifts to Grow points from Pampers products for free items & gift cards
  • Collect Box Tops for Education labels as a free donation to a local school
  • Linked my credit cards & store rewards cards to Upromise for cash back
  • Earn cash for completing free offers at Cash Crate
  • Submit rebates for products at grocery & drug stores
  • Complete surveys about TV shows and earn free gift cards at Reward TV
  • Use a credit card with a rewards program and earn gift cards
  • Collect points through Stouffer's Dinner Club and redeem for free items
  • Shop with store rewards cards to earn $$$ off future purchases
  • Play free games on Winster and earn gift cards! (I'm addicted to the slots)
I think that about sums it up.

Just by doing these small things, I've earned little bits of income that have added up to $768.66 in just the past 5 months. And that doesn't even include all that I've earned and haven't redeemed or been paid yet. So the figure is actually much higher. Gotta love it!

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