Potty Training and a Freebie

Ughhh potty training is one of those big parenting stresses. Thankfully my daughter is most of the way there!

She's completely day-time potty trained, including during her nap, and we're just working on the night time thing. But we're not rushing anything.

Everyone has their own method of potty training and there's tons of reading material around the net. But the two things that got us through it were...

1.) Consistency... deciding on a plan and sticking with it.
2.) Patience... not worrying and knowing she would do it when she was ready.

Seriously, this is really all you need. Let your child guide you. Don't freak out about it and your little one will be more likely to not freak out about it either. They won't be wearing diapers in high school. Promise.

One other thing... consistency may be the key, but you also need to know when it's time to change your approach and try something new. Don't get stuck in a rut. Try to keep your child excited and motivated.

Anyway, Pull-Ups is offering a FREE Potty Training Success DVD that may be of some help. It's full of techniques, tips, songs and games to motivate your child. Sign-up for that freebie HERE.

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