Get a $25 Gift Certificate for $3

Restaurant.com is having one of their fantastic sales. You can pick up a $25.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice for only $3.00!!!

This is how it works.... head on over to Restaurant.com and fill in your zip code and search for participating restaurants in your area. Then pick out your $25 gift certificate and use coupon code: TASTY. You will pay only $3.00!

The coupon code is valid through 5/16/09.

Also note that some, but not all, of the restaurants might have a few stipulations for redeeming your gift card. Some may say they are not valid on holidays, or they are for lunch only, or that you need to be spending at least $40 to use a $25 gift certificate.

These stipulations are noted on Restaurant.com, so you are aware of them before you make your purchase. Even with certain stipulations, these are a fantastic deal for a cheap gift, Date Night, family dinner out, or whatever. Enjoy!