Custom Handbag Mirror.... just $1.99

I just snagged this great deal, and as always, felt I'd share it with my lovely readers.

Several months ago I signed up with ArtsCow. Familiar with it? It's an online photo print place just like Snapfish or PhotoWorks. I signed up, got 1,200 free prints, 3 free photo books, and other wonderful offers for free or really cheap prints and photo gifts.

And what did I do? Nothing. Life has just been too busy and I never got around to actually logging on and ordering my goodies. I should be ashamed of myself for ignoring such fantastic offers for so long.

Anyway, today I got another email offer from ArtsCow and I finally, finally placed an order. I ordered this personalized mirror with a pic of my kiddos on it. Cute, right? And it was only $1.99! With free shipping! (Used coupon code: MIRROR199, expires 5/31/09)

It's not the best pic ever, but it is the best recent pic I have of both kids actually together and Looking Towards the Camera. Photographing a high-energy 3 year old and a newly mobile 1 year old is not easy, so I'll take what I can get.

So I think it turned out cute and at that price, I actually ordered two of them. I'll give one to my mom and, of course, I'll keep one for myself!

Now I'm off to see if I still have the credits for my free photobooks with ArtsCow. Gotta love free and super cheap deals!