Stouffer's NEW Rewards Program

I'm so excited about Stouffer's latest addition to their Dinner Club rewards program. It's like a whole new program... and finally something I will benefit from!

You can now redeem your accumulated points for items in their brand new Rewards Catalog. They have things like Stouffer's coupons, free photo prints, magazine subscriptions, DVDs and song downloads, among a few other things.

I just redeemed 600 points for a reusable shopping bag and a coupon for $1.00 off 3 Stouffer's. So happy to finally be benefiting from their program. This is a great reminder to always sign up for rewards programs if it's a product you use because you never know when it'll be of benefit to you!

How do you get the points? Each entree has a code on the inside of the box. Each one is worth 20 points. Just enter it on their site. For a list of the participating products, look HERE.

They also have occasional surveys and monthly polls where you can earn 2-8 points each! These are not emailed to you or anything, so you have to log in to check for them. I always forget about these and have missed out on alot of points. So I need to try and remember more often.

I had signed up for the Dinner Club awhile back, but really hadn't used any of my points. This was because the points were used for auctions of gift cards on their site. I never had enough points to actually win an auction and never got anything.

The only thing I got was a free reusable shopping bag when I donated some of my points to feed the hungry during a special promotion. So, that was great, but I was really hoping for more. And now they have it. So yay!

Only issue now is that it'll take quite awhile for my points to accumulate since we don't buy these all that often. I'll eat one for lunch maybe once a week or so. And sometime's Hubby has one. But that's about it.

We're not too crazy about the micro meals... first because we'd much rather have something fresh, but also because it's not too great to be heating up food in a plastic container in the microwave. And then there's the waste of the plastic container that must be trashed.

But anyway, off the soapbox on that one. We do use these occasionally and I'm glad there's a program that'll reward me for it. Gotta love free stuff.

By the way, the Stouffer's Dinner Club does still have the auctions for gift cards and such, just incase you're interested in that.

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