Huggies 'Enjoy the Ride' Rewards Program

Rewards programs are great, aren't they? I mean, if you're going to be buying something anyway, you might as well get a little something extra out of the deal.

I'm sure many of my readers with little ones in diapers are already members of the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. If not, then sign up... it's free! It's a great program where you collect points from codes on their products. Redeem the codes for all kinds of stuff like photo prints, gift cards, and my fav, the free box of Cheerios coupon.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. Huggies now has a rewards program called Enjoy the Ride. It's not as great as the Pampers program, but hey it's free, so I'll take it.

With this Enjoy the Ride program, you collect points and then you cash in your points for sweepstakes entries. Their site also states that you'll be able to use points to play Instant Win games or to donate to charity.

So, where do you get these points? You can earn points for signing up and then doing things on their site like participating in polls, watching videos and browsing sites. You can also earn points for referring friends through email.

I've only been a member of this program for about a week and I haven't really spent much time doing anything with it. When I signed up I got 10 points and I completed a quick poll and got another point. I also watched a video and received another 2 points.

I'd recommend checking this program out and signing up. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the fact that your points are mainly redeemed for contests, BUT I never really pass up on free rewards programs.

This is because you never know when it will benefit you... especially when program changes occur. That's what happened to me with the Stouffer's Dinner Club rewards program and I'm so glad I stuck with it so that I could finally benefit.

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Christina said...

Great tips....question though, how long after applying for MyPoints affiliates did you get approved? I applied over a month ago and am still "pending"....