FREE after Rebate: Reynold's Wrap

I love that many companies are trying to make their products more environmentally friendly. It sure does make it easier to live an environmentally friendly life.

Of course, the key to really being environmentally friendly is to use (and waste) less. But for the things that you do use, it's great to choose something that is leaving less of an impact on the earth. And everyday it's getting easier to do that as more choices are popping up.

(Just be wary of prodcuts claiming to be "natural" or "green" when they are in fact, not! Unfortunately many companies are taking advantage of consumers wanting to go green.)

Anyway, off my soapbox and on to that freebie alert that I mentioned. For Earth Day (tomorrow), Reynold's Wrap wants you to try their Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum. And they want you to try it FREE! Gotta love the freebies, right?

To get your free roll of Reynold's Wrap, you'll need to complete a mail-in rebate. The rebate will be for up to $3.99. Tomorrow only, you will be able to download a form for the rebate. Quantities will be limited so be sure to act on getting this form before they pull it off the site.

You can go HERE for more info, to see where to get your form and to sign up for them to send you a reminder email tomorrow.