Favorite Things: Kids' Bath Color Tabs

One of the things that my 3 year old really looks forward to is Tubby Time. Sure she enjoys painting, dancing, singing and going to the park, but she also really loves her baths.

Are most kids that excited by bath time? I dunno. My 1 year old has only recently reached the point where he doesn't cry when he gets a bath... so we'll see how he turns out on down the road.

Anyway, to make Tubby Time more fun we have a nice assortment of bath toys... boats, a bucket, a doll, foam ABC's that stick to the tub walls, bath crayons (which I don't love cause they are a pain) and a few other toys.

But, by far the biggest hit has been the bath color tabs. Have you used these? They are little color tabs that you drop in the bath water and they turn the water different colors.

My daughter likes to pick out her water color for each bath and she has even learned what colors to combine to make a new color! So much fun for her... so they are now going on my Favorite Things list.

This is a part of my new series, Favorite Things. And it's exactly that. I'm highlighting different products, foods, stores, or whatever, that I love. (Just a reminder that my opinion can NOT be bought. I'll only post about something that I really do like and use!)


Cher said...

These sounds awesome! I will have to get these for my boys!

Natalie said...

Daniel would love these. He LOVES to take a bath and will literally sit there for hours if you let him (Don't know where he gets that from ;) He got a kit for the bath for Christmas that had stuff to turn the ater colors in it and loved it. I will have to try and find those.

jskell911 said...

My son loved these when he was smaller! Also, you can use food coloring too. It doesn't stain the kid or tub ;)