$1.00 off Earth Friendly Cleaners or Baby Products

Have you tried Seventh Generation yet? They have a wide assortment of Earth-friendly items like baby products, cleaners, paper products and feminine care.

Their products are made without chlorine and other harsh chemicals so they are gentler on the skin and on the environment. Several of their products are biodegradable/compostable and some of their packaging is recyclable.

I never knew they carried such a wide variety of products. So far I've only tried some of the feminine products. I'm happy with those and I'm looking to try the dishwasher powder, the rinse aid and the dryer sheets. We're slowly buy surely trying to make a complete switch to all earth-friendlier products.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I found a few Seventh Generation printable coupons that you may be interested in. They are for $1.00 off any one Seventh Generation Dishwashing product, $2.00 off any one Seventh Generation Diaper product and $1.00 off any one Seventh Generation product.

You can find those coupons here. Just note, that they'll ask you to sign up first in order to print the coupons. I just signed up and I promise, it was quick and painless.

If you've already been using some of the Seventh Generation products, how have they been working for you? Are you happy with them? I'm especially interested in how well the dishwashing powder works. If you've tried it, fill me in.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

I do like 7th Gen. dish soap, but I have been disappointed with the dishwasher soap and the spray. I just reviewed this clorox spray and like it: