Paper or plastic? Neither.

I've been using reusable shopping bags for quite some time now. Awhile ago it was difficult to even find them anywhere. Now though.... they are EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you go, every store sells their own brand of reusable bags.

This is great and I hope that the trend is really catching on. Easy enough to invest in a few reusable bags, keep them in your car or even a compact one in your purse, and they are always handy when you'll be out shopping.

Until now, all of my reusable bags have been made of canvas. Then about a month ago I spotted this great bag in Target. It is made of recycled plastic Target bags. You'd think it would be kind of flimsy, but nope, it's nice and sturdy and I really like the size... bigger than most of my bags, and longer in length so it can fit different sized items.

Meet my newest reusable bag:

Isn't it cute??? Lol. I love it.

Oh, and here's another bag that I got recently... this one is canvas, but also larger than the others that I have already. This was a freebie from collecting Stouffer's Dinner Club points and donating some to help feed the hungry. (Never pass up free rewards programs! You never know when they'll offer something you need.)

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I LOVE the idea of making a reusable bag out of those flimsy plastic ones! Go, Target! :-) I think the only other thing I've heard them be recycled into is that fake wood people use to make their porches out of. :-D