Do it yourself seasoning packets

For this week's Tasty Tuesday, I wanted to share two great recipes for making your own seasoning packets. By making your own seasonings you can easily cut costs and cut waste as well.

You can find a recipe for Taco Seasoning Packets at Reduce Footprints.

And you can find a recipe for Ranch Dressing Packets at Stop and Smell the Chocolates.

I just recently found these two recipes and actually haven't even had a chance to try them out for myself. There are several spices that I need to buy in order to make them... so I'll look for them on sale. Oh and I need to use up my stock of the actual packet seasonings first.

But I'll be making them soon enough because we use both of those seasonings at least weekly. We LOVE tacos... made with ground turkey instead of beef though. And the ranch packets we use in the Ritzy Ranch Chicken recipe that I posted last week.

Anyway, I think these seasoning recipes will work out great for us. I'd like to make them in bulk to cut out the time involved when cooking.

For more yummy recipes, check out Tasty Tuesday over at My Cooking Adventures. Then post a recipe of your own!


jennwa said...

I am so glad I found this post, my husband is worried about MSG and now I can make my own taco seasoning. The hicken recipe sounds good too. Thanks

Christina said...

I love using the ranch packets as a dip....you mix it with a 16oz container of sour cream and eat it with your favorite potato chips!

Melissa said...

I use these little packets all the time. They are great, inexpensive, and usually have tons more flavor.

Small Footprints said...

Thank you for mentioning Reduce Footprints and passing on the Taco Seasoning recipe. And thank you, also, for sharing the ranch dressing recipe ... I'm definitely going to try it out. :)

BTW ... I hope you'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009. :)

Small Footprints

Kookaburra said...

jennwa - Yes, that is another one of the great benefits of making your own seasonings... no additives or preservatives!

Small Footprints - We will be participating in Earth Hour! It actually falls on the day of my daughter's birthday party (as it did last year too)... so I'll be trying to recruit a few others to participate as well.

For anyone not sure what Earth Hour is, I have an upcoming blog post about how you can participate with people and cities around the world!