What's on YOUR fridge?

Is your fridge covered in colorful souvenir magnets from fun family vacations? Or is the kids' latest artwork? Or maybe even a shopping list and a few reminders? Or is it just covered in grime?

Let's find out. Today a group of SJ Mom Bloggers, like me, is posting pics for all to see. Heh, that rhymed. Lol. Anyway here's my fridge... (I was tempted to wipe it down and clean off some of the grime, but instead left it in it's "natural" state. Ha.)

So I just have a few select magnets on there. Let's take a closer look... this first one is from my fishy collection. I love tropical fish... well not the real ones... too much work for me.

This magnet is a handmade one my Mom got for me at a craft fair. It's like a little Raggedy Ann. I think it's so cute. And I love supporting local crafters.

This magnet I love and I have no idea where it came from (maybe the dollar store???). It's a cute little bug on a bike and the front wheel spins around. Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I walk up and spin the wheel... wooo fun!

This is the Mickey frame magnet hubby and I bought on our honeymoon in Disney World in 2005. The pic was taken sometime before we got married.

And yes, that IS close to four years of dust on there. Occasionally I try to brush some off, but it really needs to be cleaned a little better than that. Who wants to volunteer???

Next up is the Mary's Kitchen magnet that was passed down to me from my Great Grandmother's kitchen. Sorry about the photo quality, glare and all. (I'm obviously a professional photographer.)

The last magnet is a new addition to our fridge magnet family. This is one of the butterfly magnets that my daughter made as Valentine treats for the grandparents, etc.

And lastly, so you don't think my fridge is terribly boring, here's a shot of the side.

This is where I keep my grocery list, my magnet that tells me how long veggies stay fresh, magnets with cooking measurement conversions and a few more fishy magnets, as well as a few of my daughter's magnets at the bottom.

Oh, and there's a magnet with a pic of Hubby, my son and I when we took my son to his first Phillies game last summer. He was only a few months old and strapped to the front of me in a carrier. Good times and they took a cute pic of us! Funny thing too, cause every time we go, they always nag us to stop and pose for a pic and we always say no because we don't want to be bothered. But this time we actually said yes. Glad we did.

Anyway there's my fridge in all it's glory. Wanna play along? Anyone can participate. Post a comment or email me at mysterie811 at yahoo dot com and send me your link. I'll post your link here. Come on, do it, it's fun.

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Meghan said...

Love the Raggedy Ann magnet.
I totally didn't take pics of the side of my fridge b/c well then the illusion of being organized would be blown.
It is fun to see inside everyone's little kitchens!!

Mrs. J said...

Hi! I found your blog from Sisterly Savings. I am the next person from you who linked at the "Ring Around the Blogs."

I like that Minnie and Mickey Mouse magnet with your picture. It's absolutely sweet! I also like how you put those magnets on the side of the fridge. It's a very neat idea and looks more organized than putting them all at the front of the fridge. I might copy that!

Amanda said...

What a neat idea. I came back to your site a little late at night to do it (12 AM), but I will take some pics tomorrow and share them.