Organizing Kids' Closets for Spring

I know it's only February and I wanna talk about Spring... but hey, that's what gets me through these cold and cloudy days. Oh, and I'm a fanatic about being prepared and organized.

Does this fit?
So the past week I went through both my kids' closets. I pulled out any of the clothes that they have definitely grown out of and sent them straight into boxes. These clothes will be sold at our next yard sale.

New clothes! Cheap!
Next I pulled out the spring/summer clothes from the back of their closets and from storage bins. These were ALL bought from last year's clearance racks at the end of the summer or sometimes they are things I have picked up on Ebay.

Either way, I love being prepared with clothes for the next season well ahead of time and of course I love that I only paid a fraction of the cost.

Does this match?
I went through each of the kids' spring/summer clothes and set aside the ones that came as a pair in an outfit. Then I looked through the remaining single pieces and tried to match up the tops and bottoms to make outfits. I find this matching step to be very important because too many times we'd get through half a season when I finally realized the kids hadn't worn a few items because nothing matched them.

So now I always try to shop for outfits. When I find a cute shirt on a clearance rack, I immediately start thinking of what it could match and I see if there's a pair of shorts or whatever to match it with.

Easily find a match!
Of course, most times I can't find something in the right size/color right then. And this is where this next step of closet organization comes in. After I set aside all the possible outfits, I get out my camera and take pics of each item that doesn't fit into an outfit. This way I have pictures of each item and I know what I need to shop for in order to complete each kid's wardrobe.

I like to use my cell phone's camera, so that this way the pics are always with me and I can pull it out when I'm shopping in a store and I find a great sale. I can also send the pics to my computer for when I'm shopping online and I don't have my phone handy. This has been a great help.

What else do they need?
Also, while I sorted their clothes, I took note of any other items that they will be needing for the upcoming season. Like this time around I noticed that both kids will need hats, my son will need another bathing suit, and both kids needed a few more shorts/capris.

Hang em up!
After all this sorting, I hung all the spring/summer clothes in the closet, right next to or behind their current winter clothes.

Yes, I keep it all hanging because that's the easiest way for me to see what they have and what they don't have. Also this way the outfits can hang together. This is great for saving time and for when Hubby or whoever is picking out their clothes... they are all right there and paired together.

Another reason we hang their clothes is that it keeps them nice and wrinkle-free. Oh and that reminds me... I know what a kid can do to a drawer of nicely folded clothes in just a few seconds. No thanks. We use the drawers for storing pajamas, sheets, socks, etc. They're much easier to put back in place once they've been tossed about by little hands.

One of the things I really love for kids' closet organization are those infant hanging tab dividers for sorting the hanging clothes. They are great for sorting clothing sizes and seasons. You could easily put a new label on to cover up the infant size with whatever you need.

And that's about it. Next up is shopping the clearance racks for next year's fall/winter clothes for the kiddos. And thankfully we've already got most of this accomplished.