From burpcloths to washcloths

When I was expecting our first child (who's now almost 3!), I was busy shopping for all the baby basics. And of course I was trying to save money wherever I could.
Anyway I remember reading somewhere that the old fashioned cloth diapers made great burpcloths, as opposed to buying "official" burpcloths at 4 times the cost. So that's what we did and they worked perfectly and lasted through both of our kids.
Since we are done in the baby-making business, I wondered what to do with those old cloth diaper burpcloths. They were never used as actual diapers, so they were still in pretty good condition.

I almost tossed them in the trash, but then I figured I'd just keep them around as cleaning rags. Then one day we ran out of clean baby washcloths. (We use baby washcloths to wipe both kids faces and hands and to wipe down the highchair, booster seat & table after each meal. Saves sooo much money on paper towels and it helps us cut back on excess waste.)

So anyway, we ran out of clean baby washcloths since I was slacking on the laundry. I hated the thought of using paper towels and being so wasteful, and that's when I remembered those old birpcloths. I hadn't used them as cleaning rags yet, so instead I cut each one up into four washcloths!
So now we have an even bigger supply of washcloths for the kiddos and it didn't cost us a dime!