Free Box Tops Collection Bin

Do you receive the Box Tops for Education newsletter in your email? If so, look for an email inviting you to get a free Box Tops Collection Bin. I got my email today 2/27/09, so make sure you check for it.

Right now I store my Box Tops in a baggy in one of my kitchen drawers. This collection bin will be much handier.

Not a Box Tops newsletter subscriber? You should consider signing up. Their newsletter contains bonus Box Top opportunities, recipes, offers such as this collection bin and best of all, coupons!

When you click the banner below, it'll take you right to the sign-up page. You'll get 5 bonus box tops for your school.

Not sure what Box Tops are all about? They are on various products that you probably already buy like Kleenex, Huggies, Juicy Juice, Pizza Rolls, Betty Crocker, and too many more to list. They are worth $0.10 each.

This money is donated to the school of your choice. I don't have kids in school yet, so I simply donate mine to the school where my Mom works. When you become a subscriber you can log on and see how much your school is earning from Box Tops. This money allows schools to purchase equipment or other needed supplies.

It's a great way to donate without costing you a dime!

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