Favorite Things: Entertainment Book

I'm starting a new series, called Favorite Things. And it's exactly that. I'll highlight different products, foods, stores, or whatever, that I love. (Just a reminder that my opinion can NOT be bought. I'll only post about something that I really do like and use!)

One of my favorite things is my Entertainment Book. There are tons of great coupons in there that we use. And sure, we have to fork over some money to buy the book, but it ends up saving us so much more.

Some of the coupons in the book that we use are for Payless, McDonalds, TGI Fridays, Jelly Bean Jungle, Deb, Fashion Bug, Auntie Anne's, Adventure Aquarium, Taco Bell, and the Ringling Bros Circus.

Another thing I love about the book, is that we're always discovering great local places that we'd never even heard of. So we get to check out new places and get a discount on them! Not bad.

Anyway, If you're interested in the Entertainment Book, they make different books for all around the country. Before you buy it, just check out their site and make sure there are enough of the coupons that you'll use to cover the cost of the book, and then some. You surely don't want to buy it if you're never gonna use it. But there are sooo many good coupons in these books, that I doubt it'd be a problem anyway.

Note that each book is priced differently. As I said before the book for my area was originally $35... which is on the high end. Many of them were cheaper. I got mine when they had them $10 off... so I paid $25. Right now, it looks like they are all marked 35% off, so that's a good price, with some as low as about $16. Oh, and they have free shipping right now too. So, not a bad deal.