Did you get your free Dr. Pepper coupon???

Two weeks ago I told you about the coupon you could get for a free bottle of Dr. Pepper. Did you sign up? If so, did you receive your coupon in the mail yet?

I signed up for my coupon 1/27 and recieved it in the mail yesterday! Yay! So it should come about 2 weeks from when you signed up.

FYI... my coupon arrived in a plain unmarked envelope. I guess they do this so no one will think to rob it from your mailbox. But I almost tossed it thinking it was junk! Luckily I checked it out first!

And even though the promotion was for a free bottle (20 oz or 2 ltr) of Diet Dr. Pepper, the coupon states that it can be used on regular OR diet! So if you didn't sign up because diet soda isn't your thing, then hurry on over and sign up and use the coupon on regular.