Our garbage is getting greener

So, I've talked about how we've been trying to avoid the evil plastic bags. We always use cloth bags when we shop for groceries and we're getting better at remembering to use them for other shopping trips.

But, now I've decided to stop buying regular plastic garbage bags. I looked into buying biodegradable trash bags which are supposed to break down, unlike regular plastic bags which never completely break down. But the problem is that even biodegradable bags won't break down properly because they are buried under thousands of pounds of other garbage in landfills.

The biodegradable bags need air to break them down, but no air can get through to them. This is also why you can find almost fresh food buried deep down in the landfills because the air can't get to it to spoil it.

Anyway, I realized the biodegradable bags weren't gonna cut it. And I was reading that another option is to buy recycled trash bags.

So I ended up finding these Seventh Generation Trash Bags at Drugstore.com. These bags are made from 100% recycled plastic (30% of which is post-consumer).

Why are these better? Well, it's always better to buy something made from recycled materials. And these bags require 40% less energy when they are produced, as opposed to producing regular non-recycled garbage bags.

They do cost a little more than regular trash bags, but it's one area where I'm willing to spend a little more on. And hey, I've saved so much money from using cloth napkins and cloth cleaning towels, that I guess I can pass some of that savings onto paying for these trash bags.

And maybe paying more for these bags will inspire me to use less of them. How? By creating less trash... not wasting food, buying things with less packaging, repurposing things that were meant for the trash. Hmmm... something to think about.