Hidden source of Mercury in many foods

I love reading the latest health news articles on Wellness360. I find so many interesting studies that have been done and many issues that relate directly to my life. It is also how I have stayed alert to the whole peanut butter products recall from that plant in Georgia. Oh, and all the past recalls on various contaminated foods.

But this morning I happened upon an article that was published Monday 1/26/09. This article alerted me that mercury has been found in almost half of products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Not good. Seriously, HFCS is bad enough in itself, but now they find that it can contain mercury.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is in soooo many foods and drinks. And there's no way to tell which ones use the kind containing mercury. When many of the food items were tested, dairy products, dressings and condiments that contained HFCS, were most likely to contain the kind with mercury. But there are many other foods that contain mercury in the HFCS.

How many of these foods do you think you eat? How about your children? There's really no way to tell... unless you strictly avoid HFCS foods altogether. Something to definitely think about there because obviously mercury is no good to your body, your children and the earth.

This stuff frustrates me so much and makes me wish I could switch our family to a completely organic diet. But that gets so costly and there aren't a whole lot of organic products in the stores near us. They are getting more all the time, but there certainly aren't enough.

As I noted above, it is about half of HFCS foods that contain mercury in them. So that means there is a HFCS that does not contain mercury. It's just that not all producers are using it. Why????? Is it more costly? That would be my guess, but who knows. We need to seriously push manufacturers to avoid mercury in OUR foods. It seems absurd that they should be allowed to get away with this, right?

As for me, I'll be reading nutrition labels even more than I already do, and I'll be making an effort to avoid HFCS. I know it can be difficult since it's in sooo many foods. But really, I don't want to take the chances with my health, and especially my children's health.

Find the original article on Wellness360.com under News Resources for 1/26/09. Article is titled Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury.