30 Free Prints... for Anyone!

Have you heard about Shutterfly's new Share Sites? Anyone can create a free Share Site and receive 30 free 4x6 prints just for doing so! Yes, it's like they are paying you to use their site! And like I said, this is for anyone... no need to be a new customer for this promo!

When you upload photos to your Share Site, they will give you an additional 10 free prints each week that you do so. Now, I'm posting about this promo a little late as it's been going for a little while now.... and ends 2/2/09. But if you start now, you still have 3 weeks of free prints to claim!

So that would be 30 prints for creating your Share Site, and 30 more for 3 weeks of uploading your pics to your site! Very easy and you'll end up with 60 free prints!!! Click here to get started. Offer expires 2/13/09, so be sure to use your free prints by then.

Also, if you're planning on needing more prints, you can use coupon code: AF75-SAVE to get 20% off. Offer good through 2/10/09.

New to Shutterfly? New customers can also get 25 free 4x6 prints just for signing up! So if you sign up and then follow the above steps, you'll end up with 85 free prints total! Click through here to sign up for your free account.