$15 for taking a few surveys

One of the questions I occasionally get is if you can really make money by taking surveys. Yes, you can! And I do.

It's nothing that's going to make me rich, but it's a little extra income that I can earn while I'm home with my kids. I can do a survey or two during their nap or while I'm watching TV in the evening. It's easy.

Now, surely, there are some not-so-good survey companies out there. I've tried a few and stopped using them when I saw how little I was paid for each survey. And a few I stopped doing surveys for because the surveys were ridiculously long.

Anyway, every once in awhile I get a check for the surveys I have done with the various companies. Some pay for each survey individually, but most pay you in a lump sum after you've accumulated enough cash in your account.

This is what happened the other day for me. I just happened to be checking on my account with Global Opinions Panel and I was super-excited to see that I had enough to cash out for a $15 check!!!

I had no idea I had this much, because in the past I only had enough to cash out for $5 at a time. So this was a nice surprise for me! Turns out, the reason I had so much in my account is that I was paid $10 for one survey I did in December... and I didn't even know it, lol.

Soooo, if you've been skeptical of joining survey companies... don't be! Just make sure you are joining a reputable company and the surveys aren't always terribly long for very little pay. (The average amount I get per survey is $2 or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less... depending on the length of the survey.)

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