What's that under our Christmas tree?

I thought it might be interesting if I posted what Santa is getting each person in our family... well except Hubby, of course, cause he reads the blog. Anyway, I like to be all nosey and know what others are buying, so I figured, hey, why not post about our gifts this year.

I'm gonna start with my little guy... he's almost 11 months old. We didn't want to buy him much since we are really lucky to have tons of toys. At this age, he's playing with all his sister's hand-me-down, mostly gender neutral baby toys.

But Mommy gets bored with the same old, same old toys, so.... this is what Santa has gotten for him... (click through to see the pics)

Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle

Dunk'n Cheer Basketball

Christmas PJs (we always get new Christmas jamas on Christmas Eve!)

Several board books (not sure which ones off the top of my head... but I know a few are by Sandra Boynton... they are the best!)

K’s Kids Pull Back Autos

Next I'll post what Santa is bringing for my daughter (2.5 years).