Free 2009 Photo Calendar

Looking for a new calendar? Yea, me too. Read on to see where I got my free photo calendar...

Every year I usually get a free calendar in the mail from the Disabled American Vets or some other organization collecting donations. Usually I end up with 2-3 calendars and get to choose which one will hang on the bulletin board in our kitchen.

This year??? Not a single solitary calendar showed up in our mailbox. So sad. But then I had my excuse to make up one of those pretty photo calendars that I've always lusted over.

But the cost of doing one of those??? Not too lust-worthy. I mean, many of the online photo companies offer them and many of them even have sales, but I NEVER pay for a calendar, so why start now?

Then I had the brilliant idea to check VistaPrint since they always have several of their products offered for free. And by a stroke of luck, they are offering a FREE 2009 CALENDAR! Yay!

And it's not just any calendar, it's one that you can upload your own pictures for the cover and for each month of the year. What I did was I used an appropriate picture to correspond with each month. For January I used a pic of my son shortly after he was born (he was born in Jan). For February I used a pic of my daughter with the Valentine craft project we did. And for March I used a pic of my daughter on her last birthday since her birthday is that month. And so on.

So each month's pic is themed to that month and I think it's kinda neat to see how much my kids have changed over the past year. It's also fun for the kids to see themselves and it brings back memories of the fun we had on special occasions and holidays.

Of course, you can do your free calendar any way you like. They even have several different designs to choose from, which is nice.

Anyway, there are no coupon codes necessary. Just click through here and you'll be taken right there to start creating your free calendar. Oh, you'll have to pay a small shipping charge. I think it was $4.95... still, not bad at all for a photo calendar shipped to your door.