Treasure Tip #1... Novelty Tees

Every year for birthdays and Christmas, I go through the same thing. I find that for certain people that I shop for, I always know exactly what to get for them. And then for others, I am at a loss.

So.... whenever I find something unique or different that would make a nice gift, I'll let you know about it. I'll try to keep these Treasure Tips going for the next several weeks. And in turn, you can post in the comments any special gift ideas that you have. This way, no one will be getting the old stand by gift... coffee mug with cute teddy bears on it.... ever again.

Anyway, on to Treasure Tip #1... Novelty Tees. They can be unique, funny and/or making a statement. These are perfect for teens. And, because they come in so many varieties and designs, I'm sure you could find many that would make great gifts for friends, parents, spouses, anyone really.

Where do you find Novelty Tees? Well I'm sure you could locate them in several stores, including Target and Kohl's and others. But if you're looking online, check out TeesForAll.com where you can get 15% off any order with code: THANKS15. Code expires 11/25/08. They also have flat rate shipping for just $5.

Another site for Novelty Tees is Busted Tees. Check out their Weekly Sale Page: 12 Hilarious Shirts For $12 Each. A Different Set Of 12 Each Week!

At CafePress you can create your own designs or buy pre-made designs. I love the shirt pictured above, which is found at CafePress from Shannon's T-shirt Fort.