Get rewarded for getting crafty!

Did you know that A.C. Moore has a rewards program? And that you get free gift cards? I didn't. But I haven't been in there much recently because well, I have two kids.... 2 and under. Not so easy to work on crafts when someone always needs to be changed, fed, rocked, etc.

Anyway I was in A.C. Moore the other day buying a few crafts for our annual Pumpkin Decorating Party that we host. (By the way, it turned out great.... see!)

At checkout, the cashier told me about their free rewards program. You get one point for every dollar spent, and double points for purchase of $100 or more. You will also receive advance notice of special sales, discounts and coupons. Oh, and there will be special double point promotions as well.

Each and every time you get to 200 points, you will get a $10 reward certificate! For someone like me, it may take quite awhile to rack up 200 points, but hey, it's free. And eventually I'll get my $10 reward. For other, more serious crafters, this may take no time at all. Yay!

To sign up, you need to make a purchase in-store. Then, all they do is get one of the cards, scan it and hand it to you. You then register it online at your convenience. So no worries about it taking awhile in line or anything.

Oh and bonus.... if you register your card within two weeks of that first purchase, you'll get 50 bonus points to start you out with!

I don't know about you, but this comes at the perfect time for me since Christmas is coming up and I usually make my own Christmas cards as well as some gifts. So I'm sure I'll be racking up a few points in the next month or so!