Dress up those holiday cards... no craft gene necessary!

For day to day items that I am mailing I tend to use the tons of free return address labels that I get from various charities throughout the year. As it gets closer to Christmas, they usually send out a few different Christmas/Winter styles. Just as they send out themed labels for just about every holiday.

I love those free labels and I use them all the time. But when it comes to Christmas cards, I tend to be a bit more particular. I like to jazz up the envelope with a return address label that's a bit cuter and/or fancier.

Also, I usually get a cute Christmasy rubber stamp and stamp that on the envelope as well. Oh, and I like to put a little Christmas sticker or seal on the back of the envelope. It's those little touches that really finish off the card and make it more personal, special and fun to get in the mail.

Anyway, if you're looking for some great return address labels, check out CurrentLabels.com. They always have a nice selection at decent prices. Believe it or not, they already have several styles of Christmas labels in their clearance section!

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