Have you made money on Wellness360 this quarter?

It's cash out time at Wellness360! If you've been using their free health site to earn some cash in your pocket, then it's time to log in and cash out!

In order to cash out, you must have earned $25 or more in the last quarter. This also includes any money you had left over from the previous quarter. Don't worry, if you didn't earn atleast $25, your money will stay in your account until the next quarter's cash out period.

Speaking of cash out periods, you can only cash out for the first 15 days after the end of the quarter. The quarter ended September 30th. So now that it's October 13th, you only have 2 days left to get on this task!

As you may recall, last quarter I received a nice check for over $100 from Wellness360. And hubby made around $45. This quarter, they will both be for approximately $25-$30. We didn't really use the site as much since it was summer and we were so busy. So these checks won't be quite as exciting, but hey it's FREE MONEY! And that's always exciting, right?

Want more info on Wellness 360? Read my original post here. Or simply check out their site here.