Soooo cute, great price & free shipping...

The other day I got an email from Clark Color advertising their new Picture Me books. I didn't pay any attention to it and went on to the next email. I assumed it was just another photo book. I looove photo books, and they make perfect gifts, but I don't need one right now, so I wasn't interested.

Anyway, fast-forward to today and I come across that email again. I was about to delete it when curiosity overcame me and I scrolled down to see exactly what a Picture Me book was.

I was so surprised to see that it's actually a board book for babies/toddlers. And what does Picture Me mean? You can upload a picture of your little cutie onto Clark Color's site and they will put your child's picture as the main character of the book.

There are 4 different books to choose from: Cute As Can Bee, Baby's Birthday, Dinosaur & Cuddly As A Bunny. Each one would make an absolutely perfect gift. The child would love it, as would their parents, and it would be something treasured, saved, and perhaps handed down in the family.

You can check out each book and even see what it looks like inside. They each have nice playful and rhyming text. I love when baby/toddler books rhyme. It just makes them that much more sweet, fun to read and engages the child even more. (I may be known for occasionally hiding the non-rhyming books from my daughter... shhh!)

So.... I just wanted to share this great find with you. I was really pleasantly surprised by the cuteness of these books and there may be one in the future for my little guy. Maybe for Christmas...

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the books are sized 7x7, they are sturdy board books, and they cost just $15.99. You can get free shipping on your book with code: PICMESHIP, expires 9/30/08.

Bonus: If you are a new Clark Color customer, you can get 40 free 4x6 prints just for registering at their site!