Saving money on formula

If you know me, then you know I can't stand to pay full price for anything. I mean, if I know I can get it cheaper, then why should I pay full price? That extra money saved could be going towards a fun outing, a vacation, a car payment, my new wardrobe... anything.

So anyway, my stock of formula for my 8 month old was running low and I was searching for a good deal. Now, I'll only use the Nestle Good Start formula because the other brands coat their cans in BPA. With all the scary findings about BPA, I avoid it as much as possible.

None of my local stores had the NGS formula on sale, so I looked around at prices online. Drugstore.com has a sale where you can buy 4 of the 25.7 oz. cans and get the 5th can half off. Considering their cans were $27.49 each, if I bought 5, it would come out to $24.74 per can. Not bad. Oh, and you earn Drugstore.com dollars... for use on your next purchase... but they do expire.

But I'm not one to settle for that. I always like to keep searching around to see if I can find an even better price. And I almost always do. So I checked out Diapers.com and their cans were on sale for $25.99 each. Or you could buy a case of 6 for $149.94, breaking down to $24.99 per can. Slightly more than the Drugstore.com price.

So the Drugstore.com deal was a little bit of a better deal because the price was a few cents better and I would earn the Drugstore.com dollars for use on my next purchase. But ya know what? I only make occasional purchases from there and those dollars would most definitely expire before I could use them.

Another factor in my decision. With Diapers.com, I had $9.00 in referral money to use towards my purchase. I refer people to use Diapers.com (using referral code: NOWSAVE5) and they get $10 off their first purchase of $50 or more. Awesome deal for them and great deal for me too because I get $1 every time they place an order... now and forever.

Last thing to consider... shipping. Both places offer free shipping. So that was covered. BUT... I don't know how long shipping with Drugstore.com takes... probably several days to a week or so.

Shipping with Diapers.com??? The. very. next. day. Yes, they are super-fast. So it's great if you're about to run out of diapers or formula or any other baby-related items. You can count on them to be delivered pronto. (And they are always this fast... I've ordered from them many times before.)

So, I ended up purchasing the NGS formula from Diapers.com. The cost per can ended up being $23.49, shipped for free. Fantastic.

One other thing to mention... if I was a new customer to either of these stores, then I could have gotten a better deal. Drugstore.com offers this deal: take $5 off $30 or $10 off $50 on your first non-prescription order! Offer ends 12.31.09. Just click that link to activate that coupon.

And Diapers.com offers the deal I mentioned before. Take $10 off your 1st purchase of $50 or more with code: NOWSAVE5.

I'm glad I shopped around and considered all my options and factors involved before I simply jumped on the first deal I found. Remember, there is almost always a better price out there. It just takes a few minutes of hunting. Well worth the time spent.