I have a blog?

Yes, yes, I sorta remember my blog... That place where I write sometimes. I think it was about... saving money... coupons.... making money by taking surveys, etc. online... Hmm... I think it's all coming back to me now...

Ok, so yes, I have been MIA. I've been sick. Not real, real sick. Just sick. For over a week now. Ughh. Oh, and my 7 month old is sick. And now my 2.5 year old is sick as well. Fun times.

Oh, and one of my dogs was sick. Puked all over the new carpeting in our bedroom. I awoke to hubby scrubbing the floor at 1am the other night.

Did I mention that my 7 month old also has gotten several teeth in recently and there are others working their way through at this moment??? Did I also mention that he Does. Not. Like. That? I guess we got it too easy when his sister had her teeth fly in and they never even bothered her.

Anyway... I'll be back to posting today because I can only neglect you for so long.