I got my check! Did you get yours?

Today I was absolutely thrilled to check my mailbox. There's usually good stuff in there.... coupons, freebies, and checks for rebates or surveys that I do online. But today, there was an even better surprise... my Wellness360 check!

Yes, I got my check today and so did hubby. Mine was for $112.07! It broke down like this... $100.47 was what I earned last quarter just for using their free site and I also got an additional $11.60 for my referral bonuses. Hubby didn't use the site quite as much, but still made an impressive $46.40! Not bad at all.

So, did you get your check? If not, make sure you log in and keep using their site. Bring your earned amount to greater than $25 by the end of the next quarter and then request your check during the allotted cash out period.

Unaware of Wellness360? Oh, you have to check it out!!! You can read my original write-up about it here. But the quick scoop is that it is a FREE website dedicated to your health. You can sign up here. You have the option to do exercises, record your daily food intake, and read wellness articles.

You get points for everything that you do. Then those points translate into real money and you get paid. How are they able to pay you? They make money from the ads that are on their site, then they pass on some of their earnings to you! And all you have to do is use their free site. Everybody wins.