Betty Crocker Freebie

Lol. Betty Crocker. No, Betty Crocker itself isn't funny, it just bring on a funny memory for me. Awhile back... when I was still living with my parents and hubby and I weren't married yet... there was this girl that liked my brother. And hubby and I used to refer to her as Betty Crocker.

Why??? Well, she always came by our house and left cookies in a bag on the front steps, the front lawn, wherever... for my brother. In the middle of the night. Hmmm. Weird??? Lol, yea. Anyway, that's why we referred to her as Betty Crocker.

Sooo... what about that freebie??? Head on over here and sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter. Then they'll send you a free sample of Warm Delights Minis. Yum.
Those things are great and last time I got a freebie from them, they sent me a double pack! I'm guessing that's what you'll get as well. Enjoy!