Another search site that pays YOU!

You may have noticed in my last weekly re-cap that I recently won a $5 Amazon.com gift card. This came from a site that is brand new to me, iRazoo. So I was super excited to be awarded so quickly. Really, I've only been using it for 2 weeks, maybe.

iRazoo is a search engine that awards you points for each and every search that you do. You get 2 points per search. Then, you are given the opportunity to recommend the site or not. You just click on yes or no. That part is optional, but will earn you 4 extra points per recommendation.

Not bad, getting 6 points just for doing one search. And your recommendations help fine-tune their results.

So, what do these points add up to? Well, you can save them up and cash in for some nice rewards. There are three pages of rewards to choose from. The lowest cashout item is a $5 Amazon.com gift card for 3,000 points. The highest is a Wii for 100,000.

Like I said, I've been a member for about two weeks and I have accumulated 612 points. Oh, and that $5 Amazon gift card I won already? That was an Instant Win prize just from doing a search! You'll notice they randomly give these away daily and you'll see the winners posted on the iRazoo homepage.

How do I use iRazoo? I use it for doing my usual searches. They bring up decent results each time. Oh, and whenever I'm going to visit any of the usual sites I check each day, I always search for them through iRazoo.

One thing to note... when you go through iRazoo to another site that you need to sign in to... I have found that it won't let me sign in. So, for those, I just use Swagbucks.com. Read my article on that one here.