Yay, I got paid!

I continue to be amazed each time a check rolls in. I love getting paid for doing surveys and such online. It's funny because so many times I stop and think, this is too easy, I won't possibly be paid for this. But then a check arrives in the mail or a deposit is made into my PayPal account, and I am amazed once again!

Anyway... I wanted to alert you to another money making site! As you know, I normally like to try these things out for myself, so that I know they are legit before I pass on the info. Well I got my check in the mail, so I'm ready to sing the praises.

The site is Cash Crate. And if you're interested, please don't use you're main email address when you sign up. Set one up through Yahoo or something because you'll be sent alot of Spam.

What's Cash Crate?

Well, check out their site for all the specifics, but basically there are all kinds of offers you can sign up for and you get paid a different amount for each one. Now, what I do and what I mainly suggest for you to do, is the 100% FREE offers. You will NOT need to give out your credit card info for that. And it won't cost you anything.

When & how do you get paid?

You get paid the month after your account balance reaches the $10 minimum payout. Easy... and pretty darn quick. No need to request your payment, they'll automatically send a check to you!

I just got my first check for $11.40! Not sure how long this took me... I was a member for a few months I guess, but I didn't do much with it. Once in awhile I would log in and do an offer or two and then I'd leave for a few weeks and then go back and do a few more. I was just busy and I kept forgetting about until I noticed my balance was so close to the $10 minimum payout, so I quickly did alittle more to get paid!

Ok, so there you have it. It's pretty easy, doesn't take alot of time, you get paid quickly and fairly. Sign up for Cash Crate and make money too!