Starbucks Discounts

Starbucks fans, anyone? I was just reading this article on my homepage about Starbucks latest promotion. Their sales have slumped and they've been trying out several different promos to get their customers back.

Anyway, up until now the promos have just been in certain markets. But this one went so well, they've taken it nationwide! The article states this promo starts Tuesday... I'm assuming it means today. Promo runs until 9/2/08.

If you stop there in the morning for your coffee or whatever, save your receipt! You can take your receipt back after 2pm and get any Iced Grande beverage for only $2.00.

I'm not a Starbucks fan or even a coffee drinker, but apparently the Iced Grande drinks are usually about $4 or so. So, it's a big savings if you normally go there and would normally be buying these. Enjoy!