JCPenney Rewards Program

You all know how much I love rewards programs, right? I mean, really, if I'm going to do some shopping anyway, I might as well make alittle extra money in doing so.

That's why when I shop online, I always shop through a link from Ebates, Send Earnings, MyPoints or Inbox Dollars. That way I get cash back for most of my purchases.

Another great way to earn rewards is through the store's own rewards program. I just got an email about JCPenney's brand new program that gives you points per dollar spent. They even give you an option to earn double points if you're a frequent shopper. These points are then traded in for $10 certificates.

Now, with this rewards program, they don't issue a rewards card, like most stores do. I'm not really sure why.... maybe to cut costs? But in my opinion, a rewards card also serves as a little reminder in your wallet and it seems that a company would want you to be reminded of their program so it would encourage you to shop...

But anyway.... I'm getting off topic here. This is how it works. Once you register online, they ask you to input the credit or debit card that you would be shopping with. You can even put in a few cards. Then they track your spending through your credit cards when you use them to shop at JCPenney (in-store or online).

The program is completely free and they never charge your cards... well, except for what you actually buy, ha. They keep your credit card info in a secure database and just use it to track your spending. So you can feel safe and secure with that.

I don't do much shopping with JCPenney, but I'm definitely a believer in signing up for rewards programs. So that way I'll be eligible for special promos and I'll earn points when I do shop there. It just might take me longer to have enough points to cash in, but that's fine, it's free and it's rewarding me. I can't complain.

Bonus: If you're shopping online, you can take advantage of both types of rewards programs and really get the most for your money. So, for example, make your JCPenney purchase through Ebates and you'll get 4% cash back from Ebates along with the points per dollar spent from JCPenney.

(Right now, through 8/15/08, you can sign up for your free Ebates account and get a bonus $10 as well!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Good tip on the JCPenney Rewards Program. I will sign up.