Comcast says thanks?

How many of you have Comcast cable or internet service? I do... and although I'm not really happy with their customer service, they are better than the alternatives we have right now.

So anyway, the other day I was absolutely shocked to get a Thank You gift from them in the mail. It said thanks for being a customer for the past two years (even though it's close to 3 years, but whatever).

Our gift was a free premium channel subscription for 1 year! Yes, a whole year. With absolutely no cost to us. We could choose from Showtime, Starz or The Movie Channel. We called and chose Starz since they offer like 6 different channels or so, have the most selection and had movies that we were interested in.

Now we just need to remember to call Comcast in a year to cancel Starz so that when our free trial is over, we don't get caught paying for it to continue. I know they are counting on people deciding to keep their premium channel longer, or forgetting it's there so that they can make some extra dough. But I'm too smart with our money for any of that. We hardly watch any TV as it is, and it'd be a complete waste to pay for extras.

Funny thing is, we get tons and tons of junk mail from Comcast... always wanting us to sign up for one thing or another. Most times I just toss that stuff into recycling without even glancing at it. And that's where this thank you gift almost ended up! Good thing I was paying attention this time.

I mean, really, with their crappy customer service, I never in a million years, would've thought they would send out a thank you. Maybe they are finally trying to retain their current customers, instead of always focusing on obtaining new customers.

So anyway, if you're a Comcast customer, make sure you aren't too quick to toss your mail from them... never know, there might be some goodies in there.