Cash Back for Huggies... and more!

I looove this cash back program. It's called Caregiver's Marketplace and they give you cash back for Huggies diapers ($1.00 per pack!!!) and tons of other health related products.

You don't have to buy them at certain stores or even during certain times or dates. You just buy like you normally would, then print out the form, quickly fill in for what you bought, and submit with your receipts. They'll send you a check with your rebate amount. Easy. And free!

Some of the brands included are Huggies, Cottonelle, Cortizone-10, Gold Bond, Nature Made, Ensure, Glucerna, Polident, and HoMedics. The rebate amount is different for each product, so check out their site and the cash back form to see what you can get for the products you buy.

Just so you know, there was some confusion when this site first launched. Some people thought it was only for those caring for a disabled person. This is not true. They state that it is for anyone who is a caregiver, including parents caring for their children.

So no need to worry about all of that. Just enjoy getting cash back for products that you are buying anyway!

So far I've received one check from them for the first batch of receipts I sent in. That one was $6.00. I just submitted another set, so I'll be getting a check for $8.00 in a few weeks!