25 FREE Downloads

We recently inherited an iPod from my brother in-law. Since we bought him a fancy schmancy new one for his high school graduation, he handed his old one down to us.

Pretty much, we'll just be using the iPod to store our music and the kiddos' music on and we'll plug it into the car for those longer road trips. That way we're not constantly fumbling around with CDs.

Anyway, I was excited to find out about eMusic. Have you used them yet? They offer a free trial where you can get 25 FREE MP3 downloads. You get to choose from over 4 million tracks! So no worries about only a limited selection available or anything like that.

Your free trial is for two weeks, so that is plenty of time to do your 25 free downloads. Then you can cancel at anytime during that trial and you won't be stuck paying any charges.

So why not sign up for your trial at eMusic, get your downloads, then if you really don't want to continue, cancel it and be on your way with your free music? Easy as that.