Place Perks

I mentioned the other day that when I shopped at The Children's Place, I had spent just about enough to earn myself a $10 coupon through their rewards program. Now, you know I love rewards programs. It's so nice to get a few little perks just for doing shopping that you already needed to be doing.

So I thought I'd share with you alittle bit about The Children's Place rewards program. It's called Place Perks and I've only been a member for a short time now. They call it an exclusive program because you have to be invited to join.

I was sent something in the mail from them several months back and it included info on the Place Perks program, my card and a coupon. All I had to do was go online and register my free card. Now, this isn't their credit card... I don't have one of those. This is simply their rewards program card.

Anyway when you shop in-store, you simply have them scan your card and your total spent will get saved in their system. When you shop online, no need to enter your card number or anything, it just automatically stores all the info. Easy enough. Every time you get up to $75 in spending, they'll send you a $10 rewards coupon. Oh, and they start you out with 10 bonus points too.

For more info on the program, you can visit the Place Perks site. Just remember, this is an exclusive program, so you can't just sign up. On their site, it does say that they may be expanding it in the future. If you're looking to join, I'd say to keep making your purchases as normal and keep checking the mail to see if you're invited. Hopefully it will soon be open to everyone.