Paid surveys & other ways to make money online

One of the topics that I cover alot on my blog is making money online. I've discussed paid survey sites, earning cash and gift cards for reading emails, selling on ebay, and cash back shopping sites.

I blog about this stuff alot because I think it's so great that I can make alittle bit of money while I'm home with my kids. Sure, it's nothing close to a real income, but the little bits here and there sure do add up.

Anyway, since I've been updating my blog a bit, I decided to add a list of Paid Survey Sites on the left sidebar. There are currently nine sites listed. Are there more paid survey sites out there on the net? Sure, and if you email me, I can certainly give you those links as well. But these are the nine sites that I like the most. I have been with them long enough, have gotten paid, and know that I can trust them. So I feel comfortable listing them on my site.

Another new link list that you can see is over on my right sidebar. It's my list of other sites where you can make money online. These are the sites where you get paid to use them or you get paid to read their emails and view their advertisements. They share their advertising income with you. And again, there are tons more sites like these around the web, but these are the few that I like and have been with for quite some time.

So be sure to check those links out if you're interested in making alittle extra money online. It really is a great feeling when the checks roll in, even for those small amounts. Each time I get a check or gift card in the mail or a deposit into my PayPal account, I sit back and think wow, this is so easy. And I wanna kick myself for not knowing about all this any sooner.

Know of any other legit money making sites? Leave them in the comments section or drop me an email. I'll check them out and if I'm happy with them, I'll add em to the lists.