Great use for bag clips...

One of my favorite websites is Parent Hacks. Been there yet? It contains some of the most ingenius ideas.... hacks really. You'll find creative uses, alterations, gimmicks, and strategies to solve any kind of parenting issue, problem, crisis or annoyance.

So many times I find some wonderful idea on there, and I stop and think to myself, now why couldn't I think of that. And other times, I come across an idea and think, damn, I never would have thought of that in a million years... but it's great!

Today I happened upon a super-duper use for those clips that keep your chips or whatever from getting stale. You can use them at the bottom of popsicles... just roll up some of the plastic at the bottom and clip. It easily keeps the top of the popsicle up and out of the plastic so little ones can eat. I haven't gotten to actually used this tip, since my 2 yr old doesn't eat those popsicles yet, but I can see how this will work perfectly when she does.

This great tip came from Wendy, whom you can find here. And you can find the actual posting of it over here at Parent Hacks. Have a look around and find a few more hacks while you're there!