Children's Place 15% off Coupon - Make the most of it!!!

The other day I got a 15% off coupon for The Children's Place in the mail. So glad that came, because it reminded me to start stocking up for next summer. And you should do that as well!

All the summer clothes are starting to get clearanced out right about now. Stores need to move their inventory out in order to make room for all the back to school stuff. Sooooo... that means now is the time to shop the clearance sections and buy clothes for next summer.

I always do this for my kids and I do it for two reasons. First off, the obvious one... you save tons of money by buying things at their lowest price. Secondly... there's no frantic shopping at the beginning of the season or when they grow into the next size. So, they always have clothes ready for them to grow into. Makes life that much easier.

So anyway, I piled up my virtual cart over at The Children's Place. I only shopped the clearance section and was able to score 9 shirts, 7 shorts/skirts/jeans, a dress and a hat. It subtotaled to $83.95. Then I used my handy 15% off code and saved $12.59! (You can use coupon code: FA78 for 15% off too!) That brought my total to $71.36 + .34 tax + $5 flat-rate shipping= $76.67.

Of course, I made my purchase through Ebates. So I'll be getting 3% cash back! Yay! Would you like a free Ebates account? Right now you can get a $10 bonus just for signing up! (It's normally only a $5 bonus.)

And it gets even better, since I'm a member of the Place Perks rewards program (more on that later!), I spent enough to earn a $10 reward coupon! So I'll be looking in my mail for that sometime soon.

My purchase averaged out to $4.25 per item, including shipping, and that's not even considering the Ebates cash back or the rewards coupon I earned! Not a bad deal at all. And these are Children's Place clothes... which means quality.... which means stains come out much easier and they don't wear out easily... which means they can be sold on ebay or at yard sales to re-coup some of the money once my kids outgrow them!

So, anyway, this was a long post to simply show you how to make the most out of a coupon code! Enjoy!