Bubbles, Fireflies & a Cardboard Box

Bubbles, fireflies and a cardboard box. No, this isn't some crazy science experiment. They are simply some of the great (and free) things that can make up a kid's summer day. Ok, so maybe they all aren't exactly free, but they sure are darn close to it. And certainly much cheaper than many of the other ways to entertain your kids.

Just about a year ago I posted about this great list that I found of 10 ways to entertain young kids. For $1.00 or less. Without the TV. Most of these things may seem like obvious activities, but I've found that for some reason you don't always think of them.

So check over the list and and enjoy some cheap/free summer fun with your kids. And maybe while they're playing in the sprinkler, you can sneak online and actually get to read a few more blogs.