$5 Check in the mail!

Writing about our fun with junk mail reminded me about the check I got in the mail on Monday. It was a $5 check from Global Opinions Panel. They are one of the survey companies that I belong to. Interested in getting paid to do surveys online? Look to my list of Paid Survey Sites on my left sidebar.

Anyway, I signed up with them at the end of February. I earned 660 points doing just a few surveys right then. In March I did 6 more surveys and earned 1140 points. In April I only did 1 for 50 points. May was 5 surveys for 2150. And then 7 surveys for 2550 points in June.

Each survey varied in points given, depending on the time involved. I can't recall how long the surveys were. But I'm assuming that they weren't really long, because I get bored easily and ditch the long ones. Anyway, I finally cashed out some of my points. 5000 points equals $5 for the lowest cashout amount. So I did that and just got my first check from them! Yay!

After my cashout, I had points left over in my account and I've done a few more surveys since then. So I have another 3200 points waiting for cashout!

Anyway, sometimes I like to post about when I get my survey checks. So that way, if some of you are sitting there wondering if these companies are really legit, you can see that you really do get paid. Totally worth a few mins of my time.

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