Yay... I just won $10!

Time for the happy dance. I just won $10. Okay so maybe $10 isn't alot of money... but when it's easy and free money to me, I'll take any amount I can get.

How'd I get this $10? I got an email yesterday, from one of the survey companies that I belong to, Survey Savvy. And they told me I won $10 in their monthly drawing!

Was I aware that they had a monthly drawing? I guess so, but I completely forgot about it till I won! I've never won one of their drawings before, I've just gotten checks for the surveys I've done.

Apparently, whenever you try to do a survey, but you aren't fully qualified for it or if the survey gets filled up and closes early, they enter your name in the monthly drawing to thank you for your time. Yay! It's so nice that you atleast get something for your time.

Anyway, if you're interested in signing up for Survey Savvy, you can do so right here. It's a great survey company.... it's free, the surveys aren't too long, you get paid cash (well a check, really), and you can request a payment at any time, no minimums! Only downfall for me, is that I have only qualified for a few of their surveys so far. But hey, every little bit adds up, no big deal.

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