Two great uses for sticky velcro

One of my favorite things is sticky velcro. It's just a great way to attach two things together... especially when you want to be able to separate them and then re-attach them as needed.

One of the things I always use sticky velcro for is the decorations hanging from my front door. See, I always have some kind of wooden "Welcome" sign hanging from my door... usually decorated in tune with whatever season/holiday it is. (Right now it's an American flag type)

When we first moved into our house, I started doing this. And I soon realized how much the signs banged against the door whenever it was opened and closed. Not only was it scratching up our door, but it was also really noisy.

The answer? Sticky velcro! I put one side on the door and one side on the sign. (Note: The sign is mainly hanging from a hook, just supported on the bottom with the velcro.) Then I can still switch out the signs with each holiday or season. Yay, no more banging around!

Another way I used sticky velcro recently was for my daughter's plastic kitchen set that she got for Christmas. The door to the oven kept falling open and wouldn't stay shut. I wasn't going to go through the hastle of taking it apart and returning it but it really annoyed me to see the oven door open all the time. So... in came the sticky velcro to save the day!

I've also used sticky velcro with a small cabinet I had whose doors wouldn't stay shut. Great stuff! So many uses.

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