Triple Money Weekend!

Did you sign up for Wellness360 yet? Well, I told you all about it here. It's the great new health site that pays you money simply for using it. It's absolutely free to you and it doesn't even cost you much time at all.

Seriously, all you have to do is sign up here, and then see how every time you click a link, you are rewarded with points. At any time, you can click through to see how much money your points have earned you. So far, I have earned $91.18!!! And I haven't even gone on much the past few weeks since the nice weather hit.

(Wondering how & why they pay you? They get money from advertisements on their site and they share some of their profits with us!)

What type of site is it? It's all health related. You can keep a daily food journal, see exercise videos, track your exercise schedule, and you can read all the latest articles in health related news... that's my fav part. And you get points for every click you make.

Anyway... on to the triple money weekend. This weekend, they are giving you triple points for every click you make! And those triple points mean triple the money!!!

**Bonus: Once you sign up, you can refer others and make an extra 25 cents for every single dollar they earn!**