Track those rebates...

Do you do alot of rebates? Do you have some fancy schmancy way of organizing them? Or do you just send them in and then forget all about them, hoping one day you'll get a check in the mail?

I don't do too many rebates. Mostly because there usually aren't too many rebates on items I am buying. Also in the past, I have missed out on alot of money just because I simply forgot to mail in the rebate stuff. Yea there were the new tires awhile back... and then the new vacuum. Just from those two, I probably lost $100. That hurts.

After those two incidents, I vowed to become a better rebater. (I have no clue if "rebater" is a real word, but you know what, it sounds good to me, heh.) Anyway, I have been getting much better and now I always remember to send my rebate stuff in. But it doesn't end there. I have also become vigilant in tracking those rebates.

Just recently, I had been awaiting three rebates. One from Circuit City for purchasing our new TV, and two from Pep Boys for an oil change and new tires.

Well, only the one from Pep Boys has come so far. When that came I was alittle concerned about the other Pep Boys one since they were both sent in at the same time, so I should have gotten both checks at the same time. So, I tracked it online and the info wasn't showing up and I got even more concerned.

I emailed them and they said that both Pep Boys rebates had been sent out a month ago. Uh oh. Well I only got one. Then I noticed that they have the wrong address for the second rebate, so my check was sent to someone else, not me. Weird, since they had the correct address for the other rebate, but anyway, they fixed my address over the phone and they reissued another check for me. Now I gotta wait for that one.

Oh and the Circuit City rebate still hasn't come. Tracked that one online too. It says it's scheduled for final processing. Yea, it has said that for several weeks now. Hmmmm.... what's going on with that? Oh and it states right on their tracking page that my rebate was received April 9th and it would be mailed within 6-8 weeks from that date. Now, don't go breaking out your calendars. I've done that already. We're in the 9th week right now and it's still not processed.

Did I let it end there? Nope. I emailed them, explained the whole situation to them and asked when my check will be processed and sent out. You know what they sent back? Some robot response saying that my rebate is scheduled for final processing. The exact same thing that I had already read on their site and I had already told them I read that on their site. Great customer service, right? They didn't even take a minute to read my email and answer the question. Anyway, I sent another email out to them (this time it wasn't so nice... I don't handle poor service well). So now I'm waiting for their next response.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on and on and making this the longest blog post ever written. Is anyone actually still reading anyway? I just want you to see how important it is for you to:

- remember to send in your rebates... don't lose out on money
- make copies of all your paperwork, just incase the originals are lost in the mail
- track those rebates! (make phone calls, check online, email)

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Kacie said...

I try to remember to keep track of rebates (especially if they're worth a lot of money).

It seems like once in awhile, I'll get a notice that says my rebate wasn't accepted, even though I know I did everything right.

It's times like those that I'm glad I had a photocopy of everything!