Printable Savings: Cereal

Looking to cut your budget? One of the easiest things to cut back on is your groceries. It's as simple as watching for the sales and combining those sales with coupons. Oh, and trying to stock up when you find those really great deals.

And one item that I'm sure you buy is cereal. Cereal goes on sale ALOT. And there's usually a good amount of cereal coupons floating around out there. So that makes cereal an easy target for good savings.

Now there's gonna be people that say the store brands are cheaper, but really they aren't. Name brands go on sale, store brand rarely do. Name brands have tons of coupons, store brands, I never see them.

So anyway.... all this to give you a quick list of some printable coupons for cereal. Check it out:

Strawberry Rice Krispies $1.00 off 1

Honey Nut Cheerios $1.00 off 1

Malt-O-Meal Honey Graham Squares & Crispy Rice $1 off

Coupons.com & CoolSavings also have coupons for several other cereals... and more!